Programs and Projects


Responsible Office: Regional Office


Formulation of the Executive and Legislative Agenda (ELA)

This is the provision of Technical Assistance in the formulation of Executive and Legislative Agenda (ELA) by Provinces, Cities and Municipalities

Barangay Governance Performance Management System (BGPMS)

This is the institutionalization of a self-assessment tool for barangays patterned from the LGPMS having separate set of indicators that determine the level of performance, capabilities and limitations in the delivery of services and the state of development of the barangay

Consultancy and Technical Assistance Services (CTAS) on the following areas based on LGPMS-SLGR of the LGUs:

-          Management Systems
-          Development & Environmental Planning
-          Local Legislation
-          Local Fiscal Administration
-          Project Development and Management
-          Local Economic and Enterprise Development
This is a demand-driven project which provides  hands-on interventions and on-site coaching to LGUs on specific field in local governance  based on the LGU State of Local Governance  Report from the LGPMS.

Recognition & Awards

Search for Most Outstanding BESTS (Executive, Sanggunian, Treasurer and Secretary)
This is a customized project which provides yearly recognition and awards for performing barangay officials.
Local Governance Performance Management System (LGPMS)

This is a continuous technical assistance and capacitation in the institutionalization and sustainability of LGPMS in LGUs as a self-assessment indicator system that allows users and stakeholders to monitor and assess their LGUs' state of development and their capabilities and limitations in the delivery of essential public services.

Strengthening of Barangay Based Institutions (BBIs), Local Special Bodies (LSBs) and Local Disaster Coordinating Councils (LDCCs)

This is a continuous capacity building intervention for BBIs, LSBs and LDCCs in order to ensure and sustain their functionality at all levels of LGUs. The project also includes enhancement of community workers who are either members of BBIs or barangay functionaries

Formulation of LGU Capacity Development Agenda using the LGPMS and SCALOG as Tools

This endeavors to capacitate LGUs in preparing their Capacity Development Agenda to fully address whatever organizational competency limitations determined thru the LGPMS and SCALOG as self assessment tools.

Orientation Program and Skills Trainings for Elective and Appointive Local and Barangay Officials (NEO and BNEO)

This involves the conduct of orientation training program for newly elected officials and structured skills trainings for local elective & appointive officials including barangay officials/functionaries on areas of local governance.

Full Disclosure Policy (FDP)

A project that requires LGUs (P/C/M/B) to post in at least 3 publicly accessible and conspicuous places public transactions and financial documents on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis

Seal of Good Housekeeping (SGH)

The objectives of the project include the ff:
-          To recognize LGUs with above benchmark performance in internal housekeeping; and
-          To advance the primacy of performance, accountability, transparency and participation

Performance Challenge Fund (PCF)

Financial subsidy facility to stimulate LGUs to put premium on performance particularly on the areas of transparency and accountability in order to avail themselves of financial support to jumpstart and sustain local economic development initiatives in their localities.

PACTS- Policy Audit and Compliance Tracking System

Tracking of the following policies:
1.    Anti-Red Tape Act
2.    Business Permit and Licensing System
3.    Schedule of Market Values
4.    Solid Waste Management
5.    Disaster Risk Reduction Management
6.    Climate Change Act
7.    Full Disclosure Policy of Local Budget and Finance
8.    Local Special Bodies
9.    Creation of Local Housing Board
10.  Informal Settlers
11.  Dengue Clean-up
12.  Katarungang Pambarangay
13.  Peace and Order Council
14.  Travel Report of Foreign Travels of Local Officials and Employees
15.  Banning Names or Initials

CBMS- Community Based Monitoring System

- Organized way of collecting information at the local level for use of LGUs, NGOs, NGAS and civil society for planning, program  implementation and monitoring

- A tool intended for improved governance and greater transparency and accountability in resource allocation

GAWAD Pamana ng Lahi

A total award concept conferred to a province, city or municipality for reason of exemplary performance, giving due recognition of their invaluable contributions in the realization of a rooted development with a voice and sharing responsibilities with the national government in the advancement of economic prosperity, social well-being and environmental integrity,

Local Economic Development Thru Finance Accessing (MDGF)

This involves advocacy and technical assistance to LGUs in accessing financing institutions particularly thru the MDG Fund, PBUSSP, WATSAN and other local or foreign financing institutions.

CURE Anti-Red Tape Project

This is a continuous technical assistance and monitoring to P/C/Ms in sustaining and implementing their respective Citizens' Charter and conduct of assessment to further improve/enhance the Charter established in billboard or printed material pursuant to RA 9485.

Institutionalization of Barangay Citizens’ Charter

This is a continuous technical assistance and  monitoring to barangays in sustaining/ enhancing their Barangay Citizens' Charter     which contains basic information on the steps/procedures, workflow and  requirements in the delivery of frontline services pursuant to RA 9485.

Seal on Disaster Preparedness

The objectives of the Seal include the ff:
-          Establish benchmark information on LG preparedness;
-          Assist post-intervention disaster preparedness to determine performance gaps; and
-          Incentivized institutionalized disaster preparedness

Access to Justice

This is a continuous advocacy and capacity building to LGUs in mainstreaming human rights in local governance through the Lupong Tagapamayapa, Barangay Human Rights Action Center and Local Councils for Women and Children and the like

Supporting the Capacity Development of Sub-National Peace and Order Councils

In addition to secretariat services, this is the continuous provision of capacity building interventions to strengthen the Regional, Provincial, City and Municipal POCs

Monitoring Compliance to Policies and Laws

This is a continuous advocacy and monitoring the compliance of LGUs on laws and policies and providing reports to the higher level on LGU compliance to laws/policies like EO 712, Anti- Illegal Drugs, Anti-Red Tape, Anti-Trafficking, Juvenile Justice and Children Welfare



Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction Program

This is the provision/facilitation of trainings and capacity building interventions for LGUs to be prepared on events of climate change, to come up with search and rescue plans, and to be able to manage disaster risks.

Anti-Illegal Drugs Campaign for LGUs

This is a continuous advocacy on anti-drug abuse in the communities and provision of assistance in organizing and capacitating the Anti-Drug Abuse Councils (ADACs) in coordination with the PDEA.



Mainstreaming BPLS- Business Permit and Licensing System

Joint undertaking between DILG and DTI in support to the President’s thrust to transform the country into an investment potential

V2V Vigilance to Volunteerism

This project aims to increase the participation of CSOs in local governance which will focus on promoting NGOs and CSOs active engagement in local governance through:
-          Research studies
-          Institutional capacity building of CSOs and LGUs
-          Policy reforms
-          Volunteerism programs
-          Technical assistance
-          Network building
-          Performance evaluation and feedback

National Greening Program

A program which consolidates all greening efforts such as Billion Trees Program, Upland Development Program, Luntiang Pilipinas and similar initiatives of the government, civil society and private sector



Popularizing Good Practices in Local Governance: Facility for Adaptation and Replication (GO-FAR)

The project endeavors to popularize and document good practices of LGUs for replication and adaptation by other LGUs.

Date Posted: September 20, 2012

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