As one of the primordial programs of the present Administration, the campaign against illegal drugs is at the forefront in DILG R02's major programs. As the Vice Chair of the Regional Oversight Committee on Barangay Drug Clearing Program, RD Jonathan Paul M. Leusen, CESO IV requires all Field Officers to lead in the advocacy efforts to include mobilizations of BADACs, BADACATs and BPOCs in their respective area of responsibility. Part of their varied roles is the constant monitoring of the Community-Based Rehabilitation Program of barangays with Tokhang responders.

BAGGAO, CAGAYAN- Terrorism and insurgency have become a growing threat in the country that kept conflict-affected areas from realizing their full economic potential. Cognizant to this reality and the gravity of the effects brought about by such multifaceted problem, the Municipal Government of Baggao in the Province of Cagayan came up with an initiative to improve the peace and order situation in the locality and boost their local economic development thru a Memorandum of Agreement and a Memorandum of Understanding with the 17th Infantry Brigade, Philippine Army (AFP) last March 23, 2018.

TUGUEGARAO CITY - The DILG Cagayan SKMT Steering Team composed of Provincial Director Ruperto Maribbay Jr., CESO V, LGOO VII Arlene B. Martin (Cluster Officer, C3), LGOO VII Luis E. Udanga (Cluster Officer, C2) and LGOO V Gil Oranda (Cluster Officer, C1), LGOO V Jenalyn A. Carag (LGCDU Chief), LGOO II Renz Angelo Umambong (LGCDU Technical Staff) and LGOO II Razel Benitez (LGMEU Technical Staff), met with Dr. Lilia Tamayao of the Cagayan State University to discuss the Sangguniang Kabataan Mandatory Training (SKMT) Business Plan on March 8,2018 at Villa Blanca Hotel, Tuguegarao City Cagayan. During the said meeting, the team brainstormed on the strategies to be used during the SKMT and made the proposed schedule and venue for the different schools, subject to recommendations of the Field Officers. The team also discussed the possible problems which could be encountered and the solutions therein.