1. Assist the PDMU Chief concerned in the review of the project proposals, bid documents and bid evaluation reports and detailed engineering design. Prepare official recommendation for the approval of the project proposals and detailed engineering design.
  2. Provide follow-through technical assistance and advisory to the LGUs in the preparation of the project proposals, bid documents and detailed engineering design.
  3. Conduct site validation of the proposed projects prior to the approval of the proposals; conduct work accoplishments validation prior the release o ffunds. Validate the consistency of work accomplishmets with the fund utilization.
  4. Attend pre-bid conference and bid openings and ensure that the LGUs comply with policies and requirements of RA 9184
  5. Attend to varioius consultation processes, initiated by the ROs/LGUs together with the DILG-CO
  6. Prepare the regional project monthly accomplishments reports for submission to the DILG regional Director and the OPDS Director.
  7. Serve as resource person/facilitator during the workshops being conducted at the regional level.
  8. Perform other functions as may be required by the Regional Director

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Male or female 
  2. Minimum of 3-years experience on Water Supply Development and Implementation (preparation of feasibility study, preparation of detailed engineering design, procurement and construction supervision and operations and maintenance)
  3. Graduate of Engineering Course, preferably Civil Engineering/Mechanical Engineer

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