By LGOO II/PIO Michael Angelo L. Benigno

Flood will no longer be a problem in the poblacion areas of Angadanan, Isabela.

The construction of the drainage system was finally completed and inaugurated yesterday, June 16, 2016, which will benefit 2,045 residents in the poblacion areas of the town.

The project entails the construction of 270 linear meter main drainage which will benefit 2,045 residents in poblacion areas of the town.

The three million-worth drainage system is funded under the Performance Challenge Fund (PCF) as incentive granted to the municipal government for being a passer of the 2015 Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG).

According to Angadanan Mayor Hon. Lourdes S. Panganiban, the completion of the drainage system will greatly control the flooding in the low-lying residential poblacion areas in the town.

Also, the project helps to prevent the spread of water-borne diseases like leptospirosis, malaria and dengue.

“Majority of the poblacion areas are covered with impervious surface. Hence, small amount of water only infiltrate the ground and when rain continues to pour and rate of rainfall exceeds the rate which water can infiltrate the ground, it will cause surface runoff which floods the streets of the urban area and low-lying residences in the poblacion areas”, Mayor Panganiban explained.



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