by LGOO V Elsbeth T. Maralli

The DILG, as the Vice-Chair for Disaster Preparedness, has done a great deal in ensuring that the Local Government Units are disaster-resilient and climate change adaptive. These efforts are manifested through the capacity-building interventions, Information and Education Campaigns and skills enhancements.


The Operation Listo, through the Disaster Preparedness Manual, is another program of the DILG that provides the local government units a guide for action. Considering that disaster preparedness is just one of the multifarious roles and responsibilities lodged to the Local Chief Executives, the DILG, through the Operation Listo, has schematized different components to ensure the participation of various stakeholders in the community on ensuring disaster resiliency. The Provincial Convergence Action Planning is one of these components aimed to inform the LGUs of their roles and responsibilities and to strengthen their commitment.The manual readily provides assistance to the LGUs for the creation of preparedness plans, giving them an avenue to know what are still to be done to comply with the minimum levels of readiness

 The Provinces of Region 02 has already conducted the Provincial Convergence on the following schedules:

                           Province of Batanes          -           February 27, 2015

                           Province of Cagayan         -           March 26-27, 2015

                           Province of Isabela           -           March 5, 2015

                           Province of Nueva VIzcaya -           March 10, 2015

                           Province of Quirino           -           March 4, 2015

The different  Provincial Convergence Action Planning were attended by the Local Chief Executives, Local Disaster Risks Reduction Officers, Chief of Police, Fire Marshalls and the City/Municipal Local Government Operations Officers.

Quirino Governor Junie Cua said that while Cagayan Valley is  endowed with Sierra Madre, Cordillera and Caraballo ranges as its protective shield, it remains to be vulnerable with the viciousness of calamities more so  that these are aggravated by Climate Change.  “The Disaster Preparedness Manual is a very vital tool that will keep us on our toes in preparing for these calamities”, he said.

Nueva Vizcaya Governor Ruth Padilla urged  the LGUs to be always ready in times of calamities so that the fate of Yolanda victims will not happen in their Province.



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