In response to President Rodrigo R. Duterte’s directive to the agency, the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Region 02 in partnership with the Provincial Government of Isabela will conduct a two-day Federalism Roadshow at F.L Dy Coliseum, Cauayan City, Isabela on September 26-27, 2018.

The roadshow aims to develop and disseminate collaterals that will increase awareness and information to voters on the weaknesses and malpractices in the unitary system thru evidence-based studies and why the country needs constitutional reforms and transition to Federalism.

The President’s vision “to create a system of government that will give lasting peace, progress, and prosperity for all Filipino people” paved the way for the current administration to push Federalism for the Philippines.

“I am confident that we can craft a new fundamental law that truly embodies our identities, ideals and aspirations as a sovereign nation,” said President Duterte.

He added, “the most appropriate opportunity (for Federalism) at this time of our generation, in our lives now, will be now.”

Regional Director Jonathan Paul M. Leusen Jr. said there is a need to inform citizens to better appreciate the benefits of the transition not only for the country but for its people.

“I am encouraging everyone to take the opportunity knowing that the current administration is more than willing to share its power to the regional and local level,” the regional director said.

He believed that Federalism will make the country more democratic.

During the activity, a media forum will take place where 3 consultative committee commissioners will serve as panelists with the participation of the media to review the draft Federal Constitution.

On the second day, a meeting will be held to discuss various issues and concerns from different sectors of the communities on the proposed Federal Constitution.

After which, various stakeholders, Local Government Units, Sectoral Groups and other supporters of Federalism and constitutional reforms will conduct a political rally during the federalism convention.

More than 5,000 participants from the different provinces of Cagayan Valley are expected to join the Federalism Roadshow along with former Chief Justice Reynaldo Puno, former Senator Nene Pimentel and Father Ranhilio Aquino.  #(Written by KC D. Sucuano – DILG R02/RPMO)



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